CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday July 1st


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday July 1st


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

10 x  1 Minute Rounds

3 Deadlifts 75% Of 1RM*

25 Double Unders

Max Number Of Burpees

* Do Not exceed 315/205

Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

Your Score Is Total Number Of Burpees

Advanced Training

On The Minute For 12 Minutes

ODD: 5 Bar Muscle Ups

EVEN: 10 Handstand Push Ups

17 Responses

  1. Kelly Cook

    46 @ 185#
    Enjoyed my first 5:30 class! Very fun! I think we set the bar pretty high on the AT for the day as well!

  2. Chris T

    worked out at the gym at work, ended up getting 84 burpees but subbed jumping jacks for DU and worked light (135#) because the weights aren’t bumpers so I didn’t want to drop them…

  3. Justin Neviackas

    137 Burpees at 275#
    Did c2b pull ups and rings dips instead of BMU’S
    Only got thru 4 rounds before the wheels came off the bus.