CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday July 15th


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday July 15th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


L-Pull Ups*

5 Rounds :30 seconds on 1:30 Off

Go For Max Number Of Quality Reps

Scale Options Include “L,” or Modified L Position Negatives.

If You Cannot Do Negatives Scale To an L-Hang.

*I don’t know anybody that enjoys L-Pull Ups (myself included)┬ábut they are an essential tool in a well rounded athlete. Just show up and do your L-Pull Ups like a good CrossFitter:)


5 Rounds

Row 15 Calories

12 Box Jump Overs 24/20

9 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

Advanced Training

On The Minute For 10 Minutes

ODD: Sumo Deadlift (Approx. 70%)

EVEN: 2 Second Bottom Pause Paralette Push Ups

Work For :30 seconds rest for :30 seconds for both movements.

14 Responses

  1. Kelly Cook

    A) a mix of 2 L negatives per round with some L hangs sprinkled in in the later rounds
    B) 19:30 with red/purple band.

  2. Mark Lee

    27 L-Pull ups done as best as I could make them. 13:53 on the WOD. Fun WODding with the 5:30 crew! Great job in the humidity today everybody!

  3. Erin Lewis

    a) tried holding the L position, keep working on that strength.
    b) 16:44 love seeing my strength improve on the pull ups with bands. had tried going down to b/p but started kipping-so not quite ready
    did some AT with 95#