CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 8th


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 8th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Partner WOD

5 Rounds 4:00 Each 2:00 Rest

Partner 1: Row 20 Calories

Partner 2: Max 30ft Sprints (From Behind The Rower To The End Of The Furthest Blue Platforms)

Switch Every 20 Calories (Reset The Cal. Every Change Out)

Both People Working At A Time Score Is Number Of Rounds Plus Number Of 30ft Sprints

(Ex: 1. 3 Rounds 40 Sprints/ 2. 3 Rounds 42 Sprints/ 3. 3 Rounds 38 Sprints/4. 3 Rounds 36 Sprints/ 5. 3 Rounds 40 Sprints = Team Score Of 15 Rounds+198 Sprints

Advanced Training

25 Strict Ring Rows

25 Strict Toes To Bar

25 Strict Ring Rows

25 Strict Knees To Elbows

Upcoming Events

Thursday at 6:30pm We Are Having Abs and Mobility With Amy S. There Will Still Be A Class Available If You Want To WOD. The Cost Is 5$ (10$ for Guests Of Our Box)

Saturday May 2nd

Good Riddance Winter Welcome Spring BBQ. Please Sign Up On The Info Board. C3 Will Be Providing Meat To Grill!!! Nothing Says Thank You Like Meat!

15 Responses

  1. Mark Lee

    Nice work Erin, four posts for one workout definitely beats Mason’s PR of three posts for one workout yesterday! 🙂

  2. pauls

    265/280 Teamed with Faron who did a great job in the last row to get us several extra cal. We both had to take it easy on the sprints as turning nearly 300x on 60+ year old knees/ankles is not all that great.

  3. Chris Massi

    Teamed up with Mike M. Scored 366 on the row and 316 on the “sprints”! Mike killed the row today. We started back at zero calories for every round except one.

  4. Sarah Lee

    Teamed up with Molly. 281 row, 310 sprints. Great push on the rower at the end Molly!

    Looking good Amanda!

  5. Andy Mathieson

    I was gonna say I didn’t remember our scores but Heidi posted them. 🙂 Had a blast Heidi! Thank YOU!

  6. Kelly Cook

    I think 270 row and 311 run. Teamed up with Ann, and I lost track of the row, but I know we stayed fairly consistent. Fun, but hard WOD.

  7. Ann workman

    Had a great time teaming with Kelly. I wasn’t the best keeping track
    of the calories and it’s thanks to Kelly any were recorded. It was a fun one.