CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 29th


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 29th


Surround yourself with good people.

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD



2 On The Minute For 10 Minutes


5 Rounds For Time

Run 200m

35 Double Unders

Thursday Night At 6:30pm Abs and Mobility! Regular Class Will Be Held.

Saturday BBQ After The 12:30 Class!!!

Sunday CPR First Aid Cert at 12:30

Sign Up At C3!

19 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the barbecue, good friends, good people, good times!!! Sign up so we can get the final head count for grill food!!! That was a funny conversation going on there in that photo!
    Also wanted to thank everyone for cheering me on, wishing me luck during the qualifiers. So greatly appreciated. Those wods kicked my ass but fun none the less. Great supportive community!

  2. Justin Neviackas

    Started the cleans at 165, got up to 215, but had to finish on 205 5:56 on the WOD RX. This one was in my wheelhouse.

  3. pauls

    A.) 75-115#
    B.) 10:35 (10DU, 40SU/round)
    Felt great the first 3 rounds, died afterwards and couldn’t make it under 10.

  4. Christopher Judkins

    Crossfit MV Drop-In today:

    A) Jerk 1 rep max- 195# (only 10# off my PR so I was pumped about that)

    Followed by 90% x 2-175×2

    B) EMOM5
    Deadlift 225 x 5
    Wall Balls 20# in remaining time

    Ended up with 53 total wall balls

    C) 2 rounds NOT for time:
    15 tire situps
    :60sec plank hold
    10 Barbell Hip Thrusters @95#
    15 Weighted Reverse Snow Angels


  5. Kevin Medeiros

    A: 185# just wasn’t feeling the squat cleans today so all power cleans.
    B: 8:35 with 100 single unders per round

  6. Heidi Lacava

    95# squat cleans
    14:52 Stupid Double Unders! How can such a small piece of equipment cause so many problems?!

  7. Chris Massi

    6:58 rx. Last round I looked at the clock when I did my 35 DUs but continued on to try and break 50… Complete! 54 new PR