CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 15th


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday April 15th


Competition Season Is Approaching!

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

5 Rounds For Time

Run 400m

21 Deadlifts 185/135

Advanced Training

On The Minute For 16 Minutes

Odd: 5-10 HSPUs

Even: 10-20 Pistols

There is a lot of room to customize this. If HSPUs are easy then do strict. You May be doing negatives in the last few rounds if HSPUs are a Goat. Same with the pistols, if they are no problem do them weighted.

ABS AND MOBILITY AT 6:30pm Thursday!

13 Responses

  1. pauls

    20:48 @ 135#
    Slowed down after 1200m, after going out way too fast in the first 400. Not out running enough yet, but more weather like this will fix that.