CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 9/17/14

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  1. 205# Clean & Jerk (PR)
    145# Snatch (PR) This lift is still in my head for some reason. Thanks Mark and Traci for working with me this morning. I’m such a mental case with this one lift and need to work on technique big time.

  2. 65-75-85-95-100# clean & jerk. 100# was a 5# PR, & I cleaned 105# but couldn’t get it overhead. Finally got 100# overhead!!! You’re welcome, to anyone who saw my ridiculous happy dance 😛

    55-65-75-80# snatch. 80# was a 5# PR. Failed twice on 85#

  3. Looks like I missed some amazing PRs and funny moments tonight! Great job everyone.

    I dropped off food to our friends at Baystate Crossfit tonight so jumped In on a wod there. It was Olympic lifting and burpees (yay) so thankfully didn’t deviate from our programming too much.