CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 8/6/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 8/6/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Overhead Squat
1 Rep Max

Hang Clean 
1 Rep Max

1 Rep Max

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  1. Yay for CrossFit babies! I wish I had my kiddos when I did CrossFit! I feel like it would have helped with EVERYTHING! And yay for tomorrow’s wod:) looks fun:)

  2. BS (sub for OHS): 185 PR
    HC: 120 (5 off PR)
    P: 105 (5 off PR)
    Haven’t done any 1 RM of any kind in a long time so I’m pretty happy with these. Did sled pulls and plate runs afterward for the Masters’ Comp.