CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 8/20/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 8/20/14

Mark and Henry, Vacation WOD

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

 3 Minutes 
20 Cal Row Then
As Many Rounds Possible In The Remaining Time Of
10 Push Press 115/75
10 Toes To Bar
Rest 1:00 Between Cycles
5 Cycles Of 3:00

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  1. Oh, and I forgot:
    7:51 or something Rx for today’s WOD.

    One more thing – it’s going to be long post central for the next week while Al and Meghan are on vacation in Hawaii. I know how groups of words and sentences make his brain hurt, so I’ll get it out of my system while he’s away…

    For those who have been working out at C3 for a while now – you may fondly remember Mark’s epic thought-provoking posts about hovercars and other futuristic fantasies. Those were good days and several long comments would follow. Anyway, it’s fun to be back in the posting world for a bit.

  2. We really should find that blog post. What year was that Bushy? I’m thinking that between your somewhat serious job and 39 kids you have the time to find it. 3 2 1 GO!

  3. 3 rounds + 14 @ 55#
    Trying not to overdo it for Sat.
    Did some sled pulls after the WOD. The 50# on the sled for my age div did not feel that bad.

  4. This is such an awesome picture, the mentor and his athlete. Love it!!
    4 rnds +6 tougher than expected. Fun having my brother wod next to me!!

  5. Did a WOD at CrossFit Rail Trail in Hudson tonight.
    5 squat cleans @ 155#
    10 dead lifts @ same weight
    4 squat cleans
    10 DL’s
    3 squat cleans
    10 DL’s
    2 squat cleans
    10 DL’s
    1 squat clean
    10 DL’s
    With 5 burpees at the top of every minute.
    I got 6:41