CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 7/2/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 7/2/14

Jen H.

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds Rest As Needed Between Rounds

6 Thrusters*
Max Reps Strict Pull Ups

Skill Work

*There is no RX weight on the thrusters, go as heavy as you can with perfect form.

Please remember that July 4th we will only be holding 2 classes: 8am and 9am. 

13 Responses

  1. 45-65# got up to 7 with the red band and last round did 3 without. Worked on kipping pull ups. Thanks for the help mark!

  2. Hehe, thanks Erin!
    35-75# on the thrusters, blue and red for pullups. “Worked on” double unders – they just weren’t coming today – and some wall balls with a heavier ball.

  3. worked from 35# – 60#(!) for thrusters
    did 12 pull ups with the blue band, then dropped to the red for 10
    FINALLY got my toes to the bar tonight too, woohoo!

  4. Wow solid work today everyone!
    Made it to 18 on the last set of 6 thrusters, I did 10 reps everytime on the last 2 sets I broke them up.