CrossFit Cape Cod, Wednesday 4/9/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Wednesday 4/9/14

Jen H.

CrossFit Cape Cod

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10 x 100m Sprints
Go Every 2:00
Record Fastest and Slowest

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  1. 315×4 14 or 15 – 18sec. Haven’t done any sort of sprints in a while so that was interesting and this is coming from a former sprinter. The sand and dodging cars and vans made it really fun:-)

  2. 230#x4, 16/19 sprints
    Shot all my effort on the first 2 100s as I wanted to get an idea of where I was for a rested, untrained 50. Was probably somewhere in the high 7s on the first one, which is OK considering I’ve been sick pretty much since the first of the year.
    Really great effort in the sprints by everyone at both the 8:30, which I watched, and the 9:30 which I was in.

  3. Judkins your hip crease is at my shoulder level! If you don’t smoke me in this later I would suggest standing naked in front of the mirror later tonight and re-asses your life goals. But I’m down for a challenge just hope I can make 4:30.

  4. hands down Judkins beat me in the sprints… every single one. Carl and I were always within 5 feet or so of him but all in all some how it made sprinting fun?? i think.
    Now if Matt or Bushy was their Judkins would of went down..

    A. 375# x4 Thank for the push Zack!
    B. 12-14 (straight shot course)

  5. This sounds like one of those legendary Seinfeld episodes…

    It’s okay Allan you can still deadlift twice as much as me. Good job today everyone, don’t go home and sit on the couch try to get up and move around every once in awhile so you don’t tighten up after that!

  6. The 4:30 was SO much fun. Highlight of my day. 15/17. (Except for the first run where Zach screamed STOP snd I actually stopped and turned) I’m not counting that. Thanks Zach.

  7. A) 375#x4- felt pretty good
    B) 14/17- Sarah- the car that nearly plowed into all of us gave me a slight bit of hesitation. Otherwise I woulda whooped Judkins & Allans ass- all 10 times