CrossFit Cape Cod, Wednesday 3/19/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Wednesday 3/19/14

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Test 1 
Max Front Squat

Test 2 
Max Rope Climbs In 2 Minutes*
*If You Can’t Climb The Rope Do Knees to Elbows

Test 3 
Max Sit Ups In 2:00

Test 4
Max Height Box Jump

Rest as needed between stations. Have fun with this one and give your best effort at each station.

33 Responses

  1. 1. 115#
    2. 1.5 rope climbs
    3. 83
    4. Did On the min EOM, hand stand holds and “dubs”
    This was a fun one! Awesome job to all at the 6am class rocking the box jumps! Everyone did awesome!

  2. 145
    4 ropes
    I think 77? sit-ups
    I will not be discussing the box jump:)
    Congrats to Erin G for her first whole rope climb and Michelle H. for jumping on the box!

  3. Welp, thanks to Mark and him convincing me to get over myself and my fear, I reached a max height on the box at 24″. #80 front squat and 60 situps, we won’t speak of the rope. I’m on a cloud, thanks Mark! Everyone was amazing this morning.

  4. #125 front squat
    Knees to elbows was just a fail for me. My shoulders were junk from Sunday and Mondays WOD. And decided to stop being a wuss and get over the box jump fear and am officially a 20 incher!!!! Was in awe of our 6am class and the box jump bravery!!! Lot of firsts this morning!!

  5. Fun day at C3 today! 95# front squat, 1 rope climb, 90 situps and 29″ box jump. Sarah and Amanda – great box jumping and conquering your fear!!!!

  6. Today was do much fun. I loved watching everyone conquer fears and get a ton of PRs.

    170# on the front squat which was a 15 pound PR for me tonight.
    2 rope climbs, the second one took everything I had!
    62 sit ups.
    30 inch box with a 10 lb plate on top. It only took me about 80 tries, but I finally got it!

  7. I did 120# on my front squat, Did 8 knees to elbows, 55 sit-ups and jumped on the 24 inch box with a 25 pound weight. Today reminded me that I am always stepping out of my comfort zone when I step into the box. Today was no different.

  8. /Users/FleckHome/Desktop/Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 7.47.39 PM.png

    Ok not sure if anyone will be able to view my screen shot but Has anyone check out Who is 11th place for the Crossfit Open woman’s Masters 50-54 in the northeast???
    A huge shout out to Mason !!! Keep up the great work!! We will see what tomorrow brings!!

  9. Play Day at the box!!!

    225# Front Squat
    10 Rope Climbs
    88 Situps
    45″ Box

    BIG shout outs to EVERYONE for pushing themselves and smashing PR’s all day, and having fun doing it! Way to claw your way to top of that rope for the first time Kerida awesome! Tess and Chloe way to hang in there and get those box jumps! Allan you will never beat me on the rope buddy 😉

  10. 225# FS 70# PR
    3.5 rope climbs… Lost my footing on the last one and didn’t attempt again
    Need to work on the sit ups… 50
    Mark and I estimated the box jump at 46″3/4 inch… Couldn’t find the measuring tape so we stacked my plates next to a 24″ box