CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 10/22/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 10/22/14

Friends & Fresh Air. Way Better Than Waiting For An Open Elliptical Machine. 

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Partner WOD

For Time
Row 1k
60 Bench Press
Row 2k
40 Bench Press
Row 4k
20 Bench Press

Weight On The Bench Press Should Be Right Around 70% Of 1 RM
Another Guideline Would Be:
Beginner: 115-75/55-35
Intermediate: 155-135/75-65
Advanced: Bodyweight

The East Coast Championships Are Coming. We Will Be Traveling To Boston January 24th and 25th To Watch, Who’s In!?

18 Responses

  1. Love a good partner wod. Had fun partnering with Michelle H.
    Split the 1k into two 500m’s
    Split the 2k into two 1k’s
    And we just both row, row, rowed our boats and did an extra 500m for the 4k, totalling 4.5k at the end. I was planning on a strategy, but lost track. She definitely carried me on the presses. Fun wod!