CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 26th


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 26th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

AMRAP 15 Minutes

45 Double Unders

30 Front Rack Lunge Steps 95/65

15 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5

If you have time do the C. Part from the A.T.

Advanced Training


3 Snatches Every :90 seconds x 10 rounds


Max Back Squat For The Day


3 Rounds

5 x Snatch Grip Deadlift

20 Weighted Sit Ups

Rest As Needed

30 Responses

  1. Erin Meagher

    3 rounds plus doubles plus 2 lunges RX. I despise that kettlebell. It makes me want to cry a little!

    1. Kevin Medeiros

      I think I may have cried a little as wel on a few of those swings so you’re not alone:-)

  2. Kevin Medeiros

    A: 3 rounds + 90 su + 7 lunges @95#/2 KB
    B: Worked up to 315# on snatch grip deadlifts/1.5 kb for sit ups.

  3. Erin Lewis

    2 rds + 79 single unders
    45# snatch
    110# snatch deadlift 10# weighted sit ups
    165# back squat PR!! Upped 30#

  4. Justin Neviackas

    Holy pregnant legs batman. I am having a little trouble with stairs after that. 4 rounds plus 16 dubs RX. 145 for 2 rounds on the snatch. 275 on back squat tried 295 but had to dump it 225 on the deads a 40# improvement over the last time on those but that was 3 years ago. 53# kb on the sit ups.

  5. Sarah S

    2 rounds plus 45 more slowwww doubles and 25 lunges, 65#, 45# kb.
    Worked to 70# on snatch
    135# back squat
    95# dead lifts, 18# weight
    I’m tired…but happy

  6. Lori Neviackas

    2 rounds + 90 singles + 29 lunges rx
    Part 2: snatch grip DL #65, weighted sit ups 18# KB

  7. Josh

    4 rds + 63. My legs are in agony from the past 3 days! It hurts so good.

    I am also super proud of my wife coming out for her first time. She will be sleeping well tonight!

  8. Allan Fleck

    4 + 45 Rx
    Snatched up to 185#
    365# BS
    185,225,315, DL- 2p kb. My thumbs r throbbing from hook grip on these painful but fun. !

  9. Michelle Hatch

    My legs are in full on protest between Murph, Monday’s WOD and this mornings lunges. I was trying not to die so I had to choose between counting rounds or staying alive.
    65lb lunges
    Whatever the yellow kettlebell is.
    And advanced training after bc I’m an advanced athlete. All this AND IM FUNNY!!!!

  10. Kelly Cook

    3 rounds, plus 6 DU RX. I also am not a fan of the big kettlebell!!
    Did AT with Heidi and Terry. Worked up to 85# on the snatch, worked on back squat, but not too my max (not enough time), and did 135# snatch deadlift.

  11. Mark

    Way to go everybody, love to hear all the tough mindsets and PRs!
    I owed everyone a true Murph so I did it today:
    20# Vest 1 Mile run, 100 Pull Ups, 200 Push Ups, 300 Squats 1 Mile Run. 1st Time not partitioning everything, took 75 minutes!

  12. 3 ROUND + 35 DU’s RX what a burner
    AT 75#on the snatch 135# Snatch DL DL were soo hard Didnt even come close to my 1 Rm max
    Only did them because of peer pressure from Kelly and Heidi

  13. Heidi Lacava

    2 rds+45+16 65# on lunges 45# KB and very stinking slow DU
    Snatches 75# BS 155# Snatch DL 135#
    Thanks for working with me Kelly and Terry, the right kind peer pressure never hurts!

  14. Christina Sotiros

    3rds +20 DUs. Tried the 1.5 KB. It laughed in my face. Guess I’m not ready for that yet. 🙂