CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 19th


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 19th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

5 Cycles of AMRAP 3:00

3 Overhead Squats 115/75

6 Dips

9 Toes To Bar

1 Minute Rest Between Rounds

Begin where you leave off every round. Score total round completed.

Advanced Training

 On The Minute For 10 Minutes: 4 Deadlifts 2 Hang Cleans 4 Deadlifts

Go as heavy as you can but remember that position trumps load.

22 Responses

  1. Christin Marshall

    45# OHS – trying to concentrate on form. Next goal – no bands on the ring dips

  2. pauls

    10 rounds+3+6+4 (75# FS, red band dips)
    AT: 75#, have to take it easy on the weight for a while until I can get a better handle on these joint problems.

  3. Ann Workman

    So enjoyed getting in a WOD before traveling to Montreal. Now I’m stuck at the airport, delayed. Went really light on OHS. Still a good workout.

  4. Scaled! I can’t count, I either did 5 rounds plus some reps or 6 rounds plus some reps. 65#, red band, toes somewhere up over my head but not quite to bar.

  5. Caroline

    7+11 rx
    Got 5 rounds of A.T. in at 115# before I had to take off for work.

    Thanks for the pointers on ring dips Jamin! Lots to practice. (Always)

  6. Lori Neviackas

    Lost count, but I THINK I did 6 rounds + 3. #45 OHS, nursing a sore/tight back. Last 2 rounds had to switch to sit ups due to a small ripped blister. Totally surprised myself with toes to bar though, didn’t think I could do them at all!

  7. Kelly Cook

    8+5 reps, 75#OHS, box dips, GHD sit ups instead of t2b.
    AT: 95#x10

    Fun 4:30 class, and I love that everyone did AT together!

  8. Mark

    Awesome Day At C3!!! Love the amazing heart and progress some of the newer members are showing!
    12 Rounds
    Was lucky enough to be part of the 4:30 AT SOOO fun! 135,155,155,175,175,175,185 for the rest. What a sweat fest!

  9. Sarah Lee

    8 plus 3 or 9 plus 3. purple band, 75 pounds. Slight confusion during the third round when someone picking up food was tying to talk to me.

  10. Allan Fleck

    15 +16 RX went from the ground and squat snatched first rep.?? Not sure if the was legal??
    AT 185# x 10 very very sweaty!! Finished after 9 pm.. Need to get back to a normal CF schedule!!!!! But glad to fit this in. !!

  11. Christopher Judkins

    9 rounds even @95#

    AT) 115×5 125×3 145×2

    I’m just gonna pile on and say the energy during the 430 class AT was really friggen amazing. Everyone seemed so dialed in and hitting it hard after an already tough metcon. Great afternoon at c3 nice work kids.