CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday May 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

5 Rounds

1 Push Press

3 Thruster

 5 Front Squat

Rest As Needed Between Sets

There Is No RX Weight. Work To Your Heaviest Unbroken Set. Don’t Count Warm Up Sets As Part Of Your 5 Sets.

Advanced Training

Double Under Flight Test


Unbroken Double Unders For time. Pause After Each Unbroken Set.

Friday at 8:30am Abs and Mobility With Amy S.!!!

18 Responses

  1. Kelly Cook

    Attempted flight test after but couldn’t get to 40. I tried many, many, many times. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Kevin Medeiros

    That one was rough especially since I hurt my wrist the first time I took the bar off the rack.

    Worked on DU’s

  3. Allan Fleck

    #225 Thruster complex
    Helen 7:59 Rx
    EMOM10min. DL 315#, CTB 7-6
    Flight test 4:00 P.R. !! Thanks for the push Tyler and great job!! Nice p.r. on flight test Mase !!
    3 X 30 GHD’S, 30 Back ext unbroken
    Good times glad to be there today!!

  4. Caroline

    105#, 110#, 110#, 115#, 120# – Went for 125# on the last set, but thrusters got a little sketchy.

    DU Flight test: infinity. :/ I think I got to 37 a bajillion times but couldn’t break 40. You and I next time Kelly.

    Great job Mase! You’re an inspiration to aspiring double underers everywhere. 🙂

  5. Zach

    -got through 225# unbroken but Mase called me out for a Thruster jerk thing…thanks…again Mase