Crossfit Cape Cod Tuesday January 5th 2016


Crossfit Cape Cod Tuesday January 5th 2016

Crossfit Cape Cod

Tuesday 1-5-16


5 Rounds for time

21 MedBall Cleans (20#/14#)

15 Wall balls

9 Lateral Burpees over Medball


Snatch balance

Work up to a heavy double

Coach Amy will be holding a mobility class at 10 am on Saturday so come on in and get loose!

Also Coached swimming lessons Wednesday night from 7:30pm-8:30pm starting this week. It’s a 4 week session at right next door at the 17 m pool at cape cod rehab cost is 99$ for the 4 weeks. space is very limited so please let hit up our e-mail if you are interested.

17 Responses

  1. Christopher Judkins

    Thanks to my 530am crew for braving the snow so that I didn’t leave the house for no reason this morning! Hailey next time bring coffee and donuts and we’ll do donuts in the parking lot.

  2. Justin

    11:54 rx. 155 for some snatch balances from the blocks. Don’t like coming to the rack position with that much weight on the bar.

  3. Kevin Medeiros

    20:07 RX
    315# x 3 for 1 set / 365# x 3 for 4 sets of yesterday’s back squats
    I’m going to be out for a few weeks because of minor surgery (nothing serious thankfully), but if I’m not back by the end of January/beginning of February – someone please find me and drag my butt back! In the meantime I will miss C3. Love all the new changes and can’t wait to get back ASAP!

  4. Mase

    Kevin you will be back in no time!! Wishes for a speedy recovery!
    There was good work on those med ball cleans tonight. It is a foundational movement of Crossfit and a great transitional for the clean and getting speed under the ball/bar. You will more than likely see these come up in warm ups in the future.