Crossfit Cape Cod Tuesday December 29th 2015 WOD


Crossfit Cape Cod Tuesday December 29th 2015 WOD

Crossfit Cape Cod


Met con

 Open 13.2

AMRAP 10 min of:

5 shoulder to overhead 115#/75#

10 dead lifts 115#/75#

15 box Jumps 24″/ 20″


work up to a heavy split Jerk from the rack.


5 rounds not for time

10 strict CTB

10 strict T2B

17 Responses

  1. Kelly Cook

    5 rds + 5 Rx
    Really nice to see so many people today and work out with some great ladies on that split jerk! We will all get it next time!

    1. Meghan

      Love working out with you ladies! Such an inspiration and so much encouragement! I just got to get under that bar!!

  2. Mike Dubie

    A) 6 + 15
    B) I can’t remember if it was 245 or 265, I’ll defer to Tyler or Allan??? I’m losing my mind!!!

  3. Sarah Lee

    5 plus 12 RX.
    125 split jerk. I’ve been stuck there for years but 1 inch from 130. Kelly, next time for sure!