CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday April 28th


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday April 28th


Crossfit Cape Cod WOD

Tabata This

:20 Seconds on, :10 seconds off. 8 Times. 1 Minute Break Between Movements

(Row Cal.)

Pull Ups

Sit Ups

Push Ups

Score The Lowest Interval From Each Exercise and get a total.

Thursday Night Abs and Mobility at 6:30. Regular class will still be held.

12 Responses

  1. Justin

    Man. I forgot how hard this is when you push yourself in a group and have all the right equipment to do it!

  2. Mark Lee

    Thanks for remembering the squats Jamin!
    52 not a PR but a fun WOD to ease my sore body back in after the comp. fun working with the 9:30!

  3. pauls

    37 Needed 1 more rep for each. Great WOD for strategy; will get those reps next time remembering what I did this time, and not waste energy burning the first few sets, except maybe for the squats. Definitely could have paced the rows better.

  4. Kevin Medeiros

    41 with scaled pull ups

    Also did yesterday’s WOD afterwards. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
    11: something @225#, 24″, and three mats. I was cooked from the tabata push ups.

  5. Christopher Judkins

    48rx Really wish I could have that row back, didn’t push it enough on those. Might have been able to pick up another rep on the pullups and pushups. Next time!