CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday 8/19/14 Announcements


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday 8/19/14 Announcements

We are very proud of all of our athletes that ran the Falmouth Road Race, putting all that CrossFit to good use!
Seb and Brie Running For Joe Kelley

Liz (1:11) and Shannah 

Kelley during an 8:00 PR!!!

Kevin McGinnis ran 1:01, Chris Massi 1:01, Ann Massi 1:22, Andy 1:06

If you ran and don’t see your name here, please let us know!

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

5 Rounds For Time
10 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5
10 Pull Ups

There will be a new morning schedule starting Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Also this Saturday we need volunteers for the Masters Comp. Please let us know if you are available to help. 

There will not be any classes on Saturday due to the competition. 

29 Responses

  1. Congrats to all the runners! What a great day for the race. I’m heading down to Puerto Rico tomorrow morning to see Heather, then moving to CT after I get back 🙁 But, we’ll be back here Labor Day weekend and most weekends after that. So, not good-bye, just see you soon! Have a fun competition on Saturday – will be thinking of you all and wishing you luck!

  2. Congrats to all the runners ( and PRs! )
    Thanks for adding the 6:30 over the 7 it will make a huge difference for being able to work out with H man! I think Haley and I will be available for Saturday, as long as aforementioned toddler feels like cooperating! Either way one of us will be tied up with him so I can’t promise much consistent “help” but we will do what we can!

  3. Awesome running everyone! Kev and I ran again in memory of Danny Tello. I was 1:24, 3 mins slower than last year. 😐 Kev was 1:18. Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD!

  4. Haven’t posted in a while…

    57:28 in FRR

    For future reference, every year a group of friends meets at the seal tank before the race. It’s a good time to catch up and not think about the race for a few minutes. Also – the Bouse House lines are waaay shorter, which is nice. Then about 30 minutes before the race we make our way towards the start. Reason I’m saying this is it could be a good opportunity to snap a quick photo of all C3 racers for this illustrious blog! I nominate Kelly Cook to be in charge of reminding everyone about this next August.

    Along those lines – Mark – I noticed sometimes you post pics of folks from the gym w/o a name underneath. I was wondering if this is by design, perhaps you are posting a pic of a shy member? Anyway, I am formally committing to posting more and would appreciate if you identified these members so I can throw around some compliments for people’s hard work.

    Congrats to everyone who ran FRR! Especially for those PRs and first timers!

    Nettie – good luck with the move. Say hello to your better half ;0 for me!

  5. Despite calf issues from the beginning the Road Race was surprisingly a lot of fun and I really enjoy the crowds. I ran 1:23, but if you take out the calf issue, 2 potty breaks (rookie mistakes) along the way and the fact I said hi to everyone I knew – it was a pretty decent time for me.

  6. 8:39 for today’s WOD, 1.5 KB, red/blue bands. Nettie, good luck with the move! We will miss you!! Bushy, I’m on it! Thanks for giving me jobs to do. It gives me a sense of purpose, lol.

  7. 10 and Change did it half with 1.5 and then half with 1 and I used a blue and a purple for most of the workout (I think I did a set with just blue, and decided not to nuke my arms at the beginning of the week HA!

  8. That wasn’t really my road race time- hard to believe. I didn’t run but cheers to all that did. That looked brutal & something I’d have next to an impossible time of completing. Congrats.

    Best of luck Nettie. Hope to see you back on visits.

  9. I ran the road race in 66:29. About 5 mins slower than last year which I’m not exactly thrilled about but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m only 7 months out of surgery. Next year will be a PR for sure.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend at the comp and on Sunday. Feel like it’s been so long!