CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 4/8/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 4/8/14

Rafal used his CrossFit training to finish the Spartan!

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

3 Rounds
2:00 At Each Station
Row (Cal.)
Rest 1:00
Push Press 115/85
Rest 1:00
Sit Ups (Advanced Do GHD)
Rest 1:00

Score 3 Totals From Each Station

“I was a criminal,” Doug said. “I was homeless, living in the bed of my truck. I’d break into people’s houses to support my habit. When (the cops) finally caught me, they indicted me on 15 felony counts.” Read the CrossFit Redemption story “Rebuilt”

19 Responses

  1. Doug and Abby aren’t ashamed of their past. Rather, they draw on their life experience and use it to lift up their community.

    “Being completely transparent—that’s when God works,” Doug said. “It might be in the middle of a horrible (workout) or with your AA community, but when you’re completely transparent, that’s when God works.”

    I Love This. I guess I put up fronts, I don’t know, being self doesn’t mean being conscious of self, life has a beautiful lining in it that we all can live,

    fear of people, fun with people, good people! Great Article, Great People,

    i leave myself… vulnerable.

  2. Row – 93, PP 43 (85 first rd, then 75), 115 GHD.
    I’m still feeling a little dizzy as I write this and I finished the workout an hour an a half ago. That’s just not normal.

  3. I don’t know where I put my little peice of orange scrap paper. So let’s just pick a score and stick with that. 🙂

    A for effort!!!!! Had to do deadlifts instead of push presses (shoulder)