CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 4/15/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 4/15/14

Question: What are your summer fitness goals? (April-August) Post to comments.

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Tabata Mash Up Of

Thrusters 95/65
Jumping Pull Ups

Followed By

For Time
10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20
100m Sled Pull 90/45
10 KB To Shoulder 2/1.5
100m Sled Pull 90/45
10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

Running Skills and Drills

26 Responses

  1. I have a lot of goals. Here is my reader’s digest list: I’d like to move down to just one band for my pullups, increase my running speed, and climb the rope. I would also like to lose these last 30lbs. I realize that the only way I’m going to meet this goal is if I stop taking a week off from CF here and there and make a commitment to come regularly. Even if it means getting up at 6 a.m.

  2. Part A:137 @ 45#
    WOD: 7:25, 45# sled
    Summer fitness goals are to re-hab
    injured shoulder and run in the mid to upper 7s in a timed 50m dash.

  3. I want to reduce body fat percentage from 31% to 18%, Run a 200 calorie deficit, get to a weight of 220, ideally 210, Improve my stamina, not exhausting out so quickly (d.n.a dependent??) Find a way to replace the need to Sweet Snack, and Feed Bag Snack, just get rid of snacking, did I mention incredible Evil snack cravings??? Replace with sumfin?? protein in water?? just go to bed?? So that…..

    I will be able to paddle out through 15′ September October Hurricane Swell this fall in LeCounts Hollow and catch a long zippy ride on something indescribably beautiful

  4. Part A: 114 @95#
    Part B: 7:04
    Today kicked my butt something fierce. Shouldn’t haven’t tried to be a tough guy on the thrusters and sled weight.

    My weight loss has slowed since initially losing over 30lbs since I started mid January, mainly because I’m building muscle now and my diet isn’t bad, but could be a lot better. My goal is to lose another 20+ and get well under 200 in the next couple of months. I just want to keep on getting stronger and better conditioned which will help with the Road Race and maybe a couple of Sprint Triathlons. It would be nice if I can get to the point of doing pull ups without bands. I’m hoping losing more weight will help with that. Generally just working on better form for movements.

  5. I would love to improve my running – but I guess that means I would have to run???
    I also can’t wait to do lots of paddle boarding with my new paddle board I bought last Fall from Amy!!!

  6. way to may goals to list but top of my list would be snatch and clean form, bar and ring muscle ups. and to try to get some speed back on my running. double unders, butterfly kipping. legless rope climbs. ring hand stand push ups.

    had a great time at 5:30 today NIce work everyone!!

  7. 144 Rx and 6:53 Rx today.

    I want to lose 15 more pounds (for good). I, like Andy, probably need to stop drinking beer though to do that. I would love to do an unassisted pull up. I’m not sure how close I am to that, but maybe by the end of the summer I can get it. I want to run the Falmouth Road Race much faster than I ran it last year. I’ve got plenty more, but I’ll start there.

  8. Pullups without a band would definitley be on the list. I dream about it often, and they seem so easy then. Like I’m light as a feather. I’d also like to string together more than 5 double unders and 1 ttb (not all at the same time).
    Endurance wod at home this afternoon consisting of 1 mile run, followed by 50m sprint progressions X 6.

  9. I would like to get back into running shape again, I miss racing. I would also like to lose another 10 pounds and continue to build my strength and endurance!

    A.) 192 with 45#
    B.) 6:33 with the 1 pood…I was humbled today by the sled

  10. Today, I was still sore from those sprints a week ago. This workout was TOUGH. But, I have some goals. Like Jen, commit to four times a week if I can. Consistent double-unders, climbing that rope, and un-assisted pull ups. I’ve got some work to do.

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