CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/4/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/4/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Back Squat

Followed By

AMRAP 7 Minutes
7 Front Squats 135/95*
1 Rope Climb
*Or 50% 1RM

19 Responses

  1. 155 for squat – thanks for helping me try to fix my squat Mark Lee! I totally recommend videoing yourself to see whats going wrong – it really helps!
    6 rounds – 75 lbs

  2. Hahaa Michelle, thanks Jo! I just wish I could be like Rich…he does 6 workouts and never collapses to the floor and I barely get through one.

  3. Great pic mason. Did not pr today….worked on my form. Thanks mason. I worked up to 85# on the back squat. I did 6 rounds with the 45# bar. Love watching everyone climb the ropes. One day… day.

  4. 155×3 on the back squat. 5 rounds, with 2 rounds Rx and then scaled the rope on the last 3 rounds. I made it halfway up on my third round but felt like I was probably going to fall off of it, so I decided it was best to scale at that point.

  5. 185#x3 for all five work sets on the back squat, really trying to exhibit great form and get below sea level like Mason.

    7 rounds RX on the wod, tried to rip one last front squat with like 5 seconds left but my hands slipped on the clean and lost the bar. I was angry.

    Mason lead some great mobility tonight, I’m feeling more like a supple leopard already 🙂 Nice job everyone at 5:30!

  6. 215# for BS. 4 rounds + 6 @ 115#. First two rounds felt pretty good on the rope climb, but 3rd round started having trouble finding the rope. 4th round was a disaster! Couldn’t find the rope with me feet at all and had to arm climb 3/4 then dropped down and did another 1/2 rope climb to finish that round. Need some work on those!