CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/25/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/25/14


CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

On The Minute For 10 Minutes
3 Position Squat Clean
1 Squat Clean From The Waist
1 Squat Clean From Above The Knees
1 Squat Clean From The Ground
If your technique is solid go heavy. If you need to work on technique, stay light and focus on solid technique.

Followed By

Partner Row
10 Rounds Each
Set The Monitor For 1:00 Work
:20 Rest. Partners Switch During The :20 Second Rests.
If You Are A Strong Rower Set A Goal Of 300m Per Round For Guys, 275m For Ladies. If You Hate Rowing And Have Inneficient Technique, Work On Pace And Form.


31 Responses

  1. #55 and maaaaaaaay or may not be nursing a bad shoulder. I’m in denial!!

    Rowed 2338 and our rower was misbehaving (Erin G) so I think by default we shld make up our own score? Ok 3000 it is!!!

  2. You 6 a.m.ers are having way to much fun without me! Worked up to 105 on squat cleans. Forgot my row #. I discovered Jen H is a machine when it comes to the row! Thanks to Sarah S for the tips on my rowing form. Faron was in rare boxing form and super excited about feeling good so that was an 8:30 WOD bonus. I promise I’ll try to blog more often as long as you can tolerate my shananagins.

  3. Worked up to 75# and really tried to work on getting under the bar…forgot my meters but that wod kicked butt, literally. Great job Tammy and Noni your squats looked great!

  4. I had a goal of doing 59 DU’s by my 59th birthday in May. I hit 60 today, an 8 rep PR. I am ahead of schedule. Now on to 100.

    A.) 95# x 10 rounds
    B.) 2775m Thanks Bobby

  5. Started with 115# on squat clean, to work on form since it was a first for me. Did 135# on last round.

    2987 on part B. Started off good but died rounds 4-8 and found new life again on 9 and 10. Great working with you too Andy! I tried to keep up, just didn’t have it in me.

  6. Great job to all the rowers tonight… That was a tough one but you all stayed strong right to the end. Big shout out to Andy and Stacy for top meters tonight.

  7. Worked on form with 55#. Squats are challenging for me.

    Had a great time rowing with Terri who’s amazing.
    I don’t know my score but each round was around 235-240.

  8. Disappointed I had to miss this one. I need to work on my squat cleans and I love rowing! Congrats to everyone. Way to go on hitting your goal early Tom!!!

  9. started at 75# went up to 85 to work on form
    My form and technique have definitely improved
    KILLER part 2 with Anne (thanks for pushing me)
    Dont know my meters…but I was EXHAUSTED after round 10….Great WOD

  10. Worked up to 135# after a couple of rounds, all from the hang as I’m really trying to concentrate on pulling myself under the bar.

    Partnered up with Meghan who did amazing with 2528, I ended up with 3014 meters. Way to hang in there everyone on a very hard wod!