CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/18/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 3/18/14

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Push Press

3 Rounds
Row 500
20 Push Press 115/85 
20 Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 3:00 Between Rounds

“If I’m thinking a ton during each workout, each movement, each rep, it’s hard,” he added. “If I’m thinking about the guy next to me, the clock, the future and what this means for my family, then I just get crushed. It’s terrible.”

“I’m just thinking about the next rep,” he said. “I set a miniature goal in my head. For example, I’ll go for seven unbroken reps (on a given movement) in my head. I’ll just go for that goal. Even if I don’t get those seven, but I’ve given it everything I’ve got to get there, then I just reassess then and there. But I’m only thinking about those seven reps, I’m not thinking about anything else.”

12 Responses

  1. 110#x2, got one rep at 115#, but couldn’t quite get the 2nd.
    24:59 Rx on the WOD. That was exhausting. I also came very close to a Mary Katherine Gallagher “Superstar” moment when I tripped over the bar during the 2nd round. It could have been very ugly.

  2. Killer wod. 75# and then did 35# for the second part – which took 24:58. As always thanks mason for the tips and encouragement ( and freaky barbies

  3. Did yesterday’s wod… Wow!
    Rx 6 rnds + 2 power cleans and to the 10 ft marker.
    Nice work tonight everyone on another tough wod. The barbies were very impressed!

  4. Worked up to 80 for 1 rep. I’m impressed with you ladies that did the WOD RX or close to it.
    Did the WODS w 55# 24:26 ?
    Thanks Mark for offering to do the run.