CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 2/18/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Tuesday 2/18/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day


For Time

1000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pull Ups

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  1. 15 :45 or 16:45 don’t remember…
    green and red

    I need to work on cardio, maybe i’ll start running on my off days. I had the strength to get through the thrusters but stamina-wise I was DYING! it doesn’t help that I got sidelined last week, and figure out how to get in for WODs has been sketchy with Haley’s Job change, it should get better and I can get back on track! good work everyone at the six, Hopefully Henry wasn’t too much of a bother!

  2. I can understand Chris! i have twins at 3yo, a wife going thru breast cancer, a 14 yo, and I play Options??? and we go at cross fit as well!?? Keep Going! its all about staying in the fight!! Don’t Quit!!!
    I am glad to hear you are a warrior, Way to Go Chris!!!

  3. 12:00 30#, green band
    Been trying to pick up the pace a little bit each day since getting back from skiing. It seems to be going OK. By May I should be where I need to be.
    Keep at it Chris. Stamina is my biggest challenge, but you finally start to break through eventually.