CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday 10/28/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday 10/28/14

CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
4 Rounds For Time
Row 400m
Run 400m
20 Toes To Bar
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13 Responses

  1. A: 27 something I was just happy it was over.

    B: 155#

    I should have went with my initial instinct and not gotten up this morning and stayed in bed. I’ve been fighting something off the last few days and today’s WOD definitely didn’t make it better. Not to mention my back stiffen up a bit. Guess I should watch that video Mark posted. Tomorrow is another day.

  2. 80 TTB is a LOT of TTB. Sunday I was happy to have strung 8 together for a PR. I’d never even done 20 before today. I have no idea what my time was. I hope I can move tomorrow. Thanks for the tips, Mason. Great 6:30 class.