CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday May 14th


CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday May 14th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Deck Of Cards Skill Work

Choose 4 Different Movements Or Skills

Assign Each Skill A Suit (Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs or Spades)

There Will Be A 25 Minute Clock

Flip A Card And Do The Number On The Card For The Movement The Suit Represents

For Example:


Clubs=Front Squats

Diamonds =Handstand Push Ups

Clubs=Pull Ups

Continue To Flip The Cards And Complete The Assigned Numbers For Each Movement One At A Time for 25 Minutes. If You Finish Before the 25 Minutes Note our Time and Movements.

Have You Invited Anyone To The Obstacle Wod This Saturday? 8am,9am,12:30 Heats go!

8 Responses

  1. Allan Fleck

    46 cards done 30″ box jumps, 30#WB, CTB, Ring dips
    A lot of fun and I really really suck at dips!!!!

  2. Kelly Cook

    32 burpees, 68 pull ups/ring rows (started with kipping pull ups, but tore my hand after 31, so did the rest as ring rows), 42 double unders, 54 OHS @65#–196 total reps. This was a fun WOD!