CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 9th


CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 9th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

4 Rounds

10 Deadlifts 245/155

30 Wall Balls 20/14

News and Announcements

Thursday Night At 6:30pm Abs and Mobility 5$ for members and 10$ for guests.

Regular WOD will still be held at 6:30 for any that want to workout.

May 2nd Member Appreciation BBQ

12 Responses

  1. pauls

    10:37 (155#, 12# wb)
    Felt pretty good for the first time since coming back from vacation; hopefully it continues.

  2. Allan Fleck

    A. “Gas pedal” W/ Mark. 9 rnds + 17
    B. Double grace. 5:59 Rx Thanks for the push Dave and Mason!!!
    C. Yesterday’s core. Done

  3. Mark

    Some awesome classes today!
    Also finished double grace with in 7:something almost puked from my weightbelt giving me the hiemlich!(sp?)