CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 2nd


CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 2nd


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Skill and Focus Work

On The Minute For 12 Minutes

Odd: Movement 1

Even Movement 2

Rest 2:00

On The Minute For 12 Minutes

Odd: Movement 3

Even: Movement 4

Nutrition Lecture 1 Avoiding Disease

8 Responses

  1. Erin Meagher

    Thank you so much for the tips this am Jamin! I am determined to figure those movements out!
    Worked on toes to bar, pistols, kipping hspu, and overhad squats!
    Michelle, we worked hard for skill day!!:)

  2. Michelle Hatch

    We did Erin!! Usually I work on things I’m good at lol. Today I went the opposite and worked on things I suck at. Grrrr. Sometimes it’s best to choose what’s uncomfortable! Erin’s kipping handstand push-ups! Was cool to see her get them!

  3. Kevin Medeiros

    Worked on A: Cleans/HSPU (with 2 mats) B: Bench / kipping
    Thanks Mason and Allan for helping me out with kipping. I will get it one of these days.

  4. Dawn

    Pull-up negatives
    Dubs (strung 9 together baby!)
    Overhead squats
    Rope climb
    I’m thankful for such awesome coaching!

  5. Amanda D.

    worked on thrusters, getting that push from the legs is hard for some reason 🙁 …
    finally strung 5 TTB together!
    strung 7-8 DU (thanks Mark for the tip about my hands).
    Worked on PU negatives.
    Great Success!