CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 23rd


CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday April 23rd


Crossfit Cape Cod WOD


Clean Complex

5 Sets

1 Clean From The High Hang

1 Clean From The Knees

1 Clean From The Ground

These Can Be Power Cleans Or Full Squat Cleans


3 Rounds For Time

15 Pull Ups

20 Wall Balls 20/14 10’/9′

Advanced Training


Snatch Balance

Work Up To A Solid 1 Rep Max For The Day


30 Strict Chest To Bar Pull Ups

This is not timed. If you can do this 2 sets do it weighted.

We are hosting a CPR and First Aid Certification at the box Sunday May 3rd at 12:30-3:30. It is 40$ Per Person. Sign Up at C3.

15 Responses

  1. pauls

    A.) 135# (PR tie)
    B.) 5:51 (12#, kneeling bar PU)
    Felt kind of tired after yesterday. This WOD seemed just right for today>

  2. Erin Meagher

    Was brave enough to visit a Crossfit in Texas today! Have to say- our programming is awesome!!

  3. Sarah Lee

    Mark recommended I stop at 105 because I was landing a little crooked. Not worth hurting myself.

    7:30 RX.

  4. Terry

    sarah awesome, that as a coach , you listen to other coaches comments.. (hard to
    check the ego at the door) i learned the hard way…you are a great coach

  5. Tunay

    In Brazil on vacation and was happy to go to a box here for my wod today… 4 rounds for time: 1 min russian twist 10lb, 1 min OH lunges 10lb, 1 min suicide (had no idea what was it and its just running backwards lol), not sure of my time.. Had 30 sec rest in between… Had to use the weight prescribed… Only 10lb but kicked my ass… Diet makes a huge difference hahahahaha..