CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday 8/14/14


CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday 8/14/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

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Rest 2-3minutes Between Rounds

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  1. If you run Falmouth and have a picture to send please email it to [email protected]

    Yesterday did a 3 mile beach run at sunrise and then squat cleans in the afternoon. Worked up to 215.

    Today did a team chipper WOD Burpees , thrusters, snatches, double Unders, sit ups and running approx. 300m every movement.

  2. 1:51 on the first and 5th rounds, low 1:40’s on the middle three, 1:38 on the final rite which I was pretty pumped about. Finished with some overhead squatting working up to 135# x 6. Dreamt of fish last night.