CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 4/24/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 4/24/14

We are so proud of you, Coach Mase, for your awesome performance in the Masters division this year! Your efforts inspire us all!

Find a 1 Rep Max Jerk

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Run 800m On The 7:00 X 4 Rounds
Record all 4 Times
(Go at 0:00,7:00,14:00,21:00)

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  1. Ditto Terry’s comment. Great arms. Mason you are an inspiring instructor.
    I ran today at home 2.73 miles in 26:11 minutes. I don’t think I broke any land speed records, but I’m working on making the distance.

  2. I agree with Allan… I saw Mason working out at Crossfit Cape Cod (not drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s) … And her hair was perfect!

    115# , 3:45, 3:35, 3:28, 3:26

  3. You’re an inspiration Mason.

    Jerk 205#
    4:12 4:27 3:48 row 4:37 run
    Ran 3+ miles yesterday on my own and wasn’t expecting to run today so it wasn’t pretty.

    Also I think I bruised my arch today on the second 800. Anyone know a good treatment: ice, heat, bourbon? I’m open to suggestions.