CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 3/5/14

19 Responses

  1. 18:20 (I am calling it 18:00 as I had to argue with the rower at the beginning of round 2…) It decided it needed me to set the time before I could start rowing… good WOD, my arms will be sore tomorrow 🙂

  2. I was planning that today would be my last day at C3 before my vacation. However, with a sudden onset of flu symptoms and a very sore ankle on top of the shoulder problem, I decided to call it a day early. Too bad, it looked like a good WOD for me. Hopefully, 2 weeks in warm Caribbean water will do the trick. See you then.

  3. 15 something. I did jumping chest 2 bar pull-ups due to tearing hands. I struggled mopping my house after this wod my forearms and grip were so shot.

  4. 13:52 with blue band. A 2:09 PR from last time!
    Paul, I think 2 weeks in warm Caribbean water will cure just about anything – have fun!