CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 3/20/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Thursday 3/20/14

Andrea about to conquer a fear!

For Time
1,000m Row
Followed Immediately By
5 Rounds Of 
15 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1
30 Double Unders

Score 1 is the “checkpoint” after the Row, Score 2 is the Total Time from the start of the Row, to the last Double Under.

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  1. GO Andrea!

    Fun WOD I think I did a little under 4 minutes on the row and 16 on the total WOD, I did 1 pood and stayed about a minute on each round of jumprope. Managed a few doubles each round…

  2. 4:06 row, 12:50 total RX. We are going to see a few do this sub 10 today. I unfortunately stood there gasping for air after the row for WAY too long.

  3. Chris Massi, I have to apologize to you for my post yesterday – I read your post quickly and thought it was Mason. Congrats on your 70# PR!!!! That’s incredible!!!

  4. 4:11 on the run 15:12 (I cannot jump rope – it’s a sad truth.)

    On a side note when I started back in the second week of January, I set a personal goal to be down to 215 by April 1st (started around 245ish) without going the crazy diet route. No one likes me when I’m dieting – just ask my wife. Well I’m ahead of schedule and I and I’m hovering at 215 on 3/20. I have to say I haven’t enjoyed busting my butt so much since I stopped playing Rugby 15 years ago. What a great group of coaches and fellow CrossFitters. You people make it a lot of fun and are incredibly supportive. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Thanks.

    My main goal is to run the Road Race this year without dying. A lot of work left before that happens. End of sappy share.

  5. Chose to run since I’m now officially going to run 5 miles on may18th. 4:00 for the run. The second part was a disaster for me just when I had started to really get strings of DUs. Enuf said. Tomorrow’s another day.