CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday 7/26/14

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  1. Al took 4th overall! He stayed in the top5 for most of the workouts and made it to the last WOD, 30 Clean and Jerks for time at 170lb, he did it in 4 and a half minutes!
    I Hit some decent lifts but based on bodyweight I finished 13,16,and 15 on the 1 rep maxes. On the 20 reps for time I had 6,5,2nd. Clearly more of a 20 rep guy than a 1rm Max kinda guy!
    Thanks for all the support from everybody today!

  2. Great job guys! That was such a fun day. Al also pr’d on all 3 of his lifts and put up some great numbers. Great job Mark flying through the 20 reps!

    Anytime a competition comes up I always think I could never do that, or I’m not strong enough. There are always people of all levels doing it for FUN and for the experience. I really respect them for putting themselves out there and just doing it. SO…. If you are a master and haven’t signed up for the Masters Competition we are hosting next month It’s time to sign up! This is the perfect chance because you will in your own box and surrounded by coaches and athletes that know and love you! You can scale it as much as you need or want to.