CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday 2-21-15


CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday 2-21-15


Workout Of The Day


Strict Shoulder Press


Add Weight Each Set. (*r) Repeat The Set Of 2 Adding Weight Until You Can No Longer Complete 2 Reps.


AMRAP 7 Minutes

3 Toes To Bar

3 Push Press

6 Toes To Bar

6 Push Press

9 Toes To Bar

9 Push Press

Etc. Until Time Is Up

Use Approximately 75% of your Best Press From The A. Part

Advanced Training

Tabata Front Squats 95/65

Rest 1 Minute

Tabata Burpees

Score Total From Each

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10 Responses

  1. A. 70×3
    B. used 55# and got thru 15’s.
    C. Did ghd situps (FS yesterday) 52 and burpees 44.
    Good work today everyone.

    We will be doing another point day this Thursday.