CrossFit Cape Cod Monday October 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday October 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD


Bench Press



AMRAP 14 Minutes

5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups

10 Hand Release Push Ups

15 Overhead Reverse Step Lunges 45/25 (Plate)


4x Max Set of Muscle Up

Rest 3:00 Between Sets

Nutrition Challenge Day 6!

Check your inbox for tips from Sarah on more than just eggs for breakfast, getting in veggies, and more! If the weekend wasn’t easy let’s rally and have a strong week!

11 Responses

  1. Erin Meagher

    I made Sarah’s breakfast idea and it came out yummy and it’s super easy to make- all ready for the week ahead:)

  2. Mark Lee

    Normal schedule today, remember moms and dads there is childcare at 9:30am and 5:30pm Beautiful day for a workout!

  3. Lori Neviackas

    A) 96#, Christie and I didn’t realize we grabbed the one set of 5.5# plates.
    B) lost count again, either 3 or 4 rounds +28, RX (almost switched to purple band but stuck it out)