CrossFit Cape Cod Monday May 18th


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday May 18th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

5 Rounds

1 Minute Row

1 Minute Chest To Bar Pull Ups

1 Minute Strict Handstand Push Ups

Rest 1 Minute

Advanced Training

A. 1 Snatch On The Minute For 10 Minutes. Work Up To Something Heavy Then Start The Clock.

B. Back Squat

95% x 1

Rest :30 seconds

85% x 3

Rest :30 seconds

75% x 5

If you have been doing CrossFit for a while and you recover well from your current routine, feel free to add in some of the advanced training. It’s too much volume for most people and is designed for athletes that want to compete, but everyone can benefit from practice. If there are components of the advanced training that look like fun or include goals you want to work toward, ask a coach for help to tailor it for you. As we add more space to the facility we will have plenty of room to play and get fit!

20 Responses

      1. Erin Meagher

        Not true:) added right! Why can’t you delete on this blog anymore:)))) ok. I’m done!!

  1. pauls

    172 Total (barbell pu, box hspu)
    50# snatches with bad shoulder.
    Light, but was at least doing them right with no pain.

  2. Dorene Goldstein

    Not sure of my total reps but worked on handstand push ups with negatives.
    Snatches worked on form, 45#
    Back squats, 105#/95#/ 75#
    Fun WOD, thanks Mark for encouraging the advanced training!

  3. Christopher Judkins

    Crossfit MV:

    AMRAP 20

    3 Handstand Pushups
    6 Ring Dips
    8 Box Jumps

    17 rounds +2 hspu, stayed unbroken on the ring dips which I was pumped about. Only failed my very last hspu really wanted that last three, but I’ll take it!

  4. Jamin

    215 on the snatch, the OTM aspect kind of got away from me ~:90 sec
    Box squats instead of just back
    Then did tabata ghd sit ups with mase.
    Felt like a good day!

  5. Tunay

    125, negatives on hspu.. Kipping pull ups.
    Snatches 45,50,65,70 PR!!
    Back squat working on form 125#

  6. Kelly Cook

    162, scaled pull ups and HSPU.
    Did snatches @65#, working on catching it in full squat.
    Back squat 190×1, 170×3, 150×5.
    Thanks Chris for all of the help and putting up with my attitude.

  7. Heidi Lacava

    90/20/0 hand stand push ups stunk so not even count any of them
    Snatch 75#
    BS 165/155/145

  8. Laura

    106 HSPU negatives and pull ups from the bar.
    Back squats-125×1 115×3 105×5
    Snatch-45 worked on form.

    Great wod!

  9. Mark

    Forget my total (shame on me) Averaged 12 calories, 12 ctb and 5 hspus
    295,275,245 back squat
    snatches at 155