CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 27th


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 27th


Great day of Competition At CrossFit Rumble. Congratulations Mason and Caroline, Josh and Tyler, Jamin and Montt and Allan For Great Performances Today! You make us proud to have you represent our community!

(Picture From Chris Montt)

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Rumble Comp Final WOD/Masters Qualifier WOD

Solo Version


Deadlift 225/155*

Box Jump 24/20

Handstand Push Ups

Team Version


Deadlift 225/155*

Box Jump 24/20

Handstand Push Ups

Share the work any way you like as a team.

Choose either solo or team.

*Scale the deadlift as needed for form.

Advanced Training

We are going to have a rest week from Advanced training and it will resume again next Monday

20 Responses

  1. Amanda D.

    Don’t forget 1st & 2nd were only 3 points apart, but 3rd place was down by 50 points!!! 🙂 C3 killed it!

  2. pauls

    9:58 (135#, 20″ box, knees on box HSPU)
    Back kind of sore so went light on DL; glad I did.
    Great job by the C3 teams at the competition.

  3. mimi

    Congrats guys!!! C3 is THE bad ass box of cape cod no doubt!!!
    13:24 Rx 1/2 kip 1/2 strict hspu
    Row 2000 m 9:23

  4. Erin Meagher

    13:? Something?? Hspu attempts were a pretty bad scene:) but deadlifts felt ok @ 155!
    Mase nice job doing all of those hspu RX!! Doing them with no mat!! Awesome!

  5. Kelly Cook

    11:54, 155#, 20″ box HSPU. Congrats to everyone who competed yesterday!!! You are all proof that hard work really pays off! Way to make C3 proud!