CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 20th


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 20th


Supporting 1 Makes Us All Stronger

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

“CrossFit Total”

1 Rep Max

Back Squat



Advanced Training

3 Rounds For Time

7 Muscle Ups

50 Double Unders

17 Responses

  1. Sarah S

    BS #130 10#pr been waiting on that for forever
    Skipped press
    DL 190#
    Thanks Terry for the inspiration!
    Great to see Erin and baby today:)

  2. Chris Massi

    #285 BS
    #135 Press
    #375 Deadlift
    Total 795#

    Modified advanced- 8 rounds of 1 muscle up and 50 DU. Didn’t have a clock running

  3. Mark

    Unreal how many PRs went up today!!! Awesome day at C3!
    Congrats Christian on winning the caption contest and helping bring my Ke$ha problem into the open:)
    I had half an hour to lift so I did the squat and press, 335 & 165.