CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 13th


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday April 13th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

1 Rep Max


1 Rep

Max Bench Press

1 Rep

Max Overhead Squat

Score Weights From Each Lift

Advanced Training



Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch 135/95

Camille Does Amanda At 135

24 Responses

  1. Andrea Meagher

    95# clean
    105# bench press. Thanks Erin and Sarah for pushing me:)
    45# OHS. Thanks Mark for the stretching tips:)))
    The cutest picture!!! She is precious!!

  2. pauls

    135 clean (PR tie)
    125 bench (needs lots of work)
    170 front squat
    Thought I would get a PR on the clean as 135 went pretty easy.

  3. Kelly Cook

    145# clean (10# PR)
    100# bench (10# less than my PR)
    95# OHS, I think tied my PR, but I didn’t try to go higher, just kept working on getting more depth. Thanks for all the tips Chris.

  4. Mark

    Killer day at C3! I know Dave S. is to shy to brag but he had a 20# clean Pr and benched over 300# for the first time in over 20 years. And to top it all off he had a major breakthrough on his overhead squat, hitting a 40# + Pr! Great work today everybody!!!

  5. Dom

    Felt really good today. 250 clean 300 bench 180 ohs. Almost had 205 ohs but sat at the bottom too long. Thanks for the tips Chris and mont. really helped on the ohs