CrossFit Cape Cod Monday 7/714


CrossFit Cape Cod Monday 7/714

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day


Back Squat
Max Reps @ 75% Of Your 1 Rep Max

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  1. Kelly that was amazing to watch you push through those squats!

    75 pounds. Worked on dropping under the bar.
    114x 14.

    Fun morning at the box! Great to meet all the guest and see a few faces I haven’t seen in a while.

  2. A: Snatch 135#
    Became a mental case trying for 155# and just over thought it. Went down to 145# and had it up, but didn’t extend all the way. For some reason this lift gets in my head more than any other. Thanks Sarah for trying to talk me off the ledge. Still 135# is a PR I believe.

    B: Squat 315 x 6
    In hindsight doing front squats yesterday wasn’t such a good idea.

    My daughter started the kids class today and enjoyed it. Even liked burpees – which is just crazy talk.

  3. A. 175# another 30# PR! Those wrist straps help a ton. Didn’t think I’d put up that high of a number since I did these yesterday, but I’ll take it.

    B. 185# x11

  4. Ah! I keep forgetting to write my stuff on the board. 45#-80# on Snatch, 5# PR. 10 reps at 125# for back squats. Some wall balls and rowing. I love weightlifting, have I said that recently? I love it.

  5. 45-75# on the snatches (5# PR), did extra reps at 45# working on getting into a full squat
    110# x 7 on back squats, my legs were tired today for some reason
    Work on some negative pull ups after