CrossFit Cape Cod Monday 7/14/14

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  1. 26:30-I think- thanks for “cheering me on” Sarah- haha- just kiddin. Thanks for staying with me! Super fun kids class this morning- Hadley, Zariah, Robert, and Lucas!!

  2. 24:03
    Fighting a case of Irish flu this morning, but somehow got through it. Thanks Sarah for working with me after on my rowing efficiency. Being more efficient would be a good thing.

  3. 25:55 total
    3:57(!!!) / 4:20 / 4:19 / 4:19

    My April 17th times for this WOD were 4:20 / 4:31 / 4:44 – 19:35 for 3 rounds. I’m pretty happy with today’s progress.

    Brutal cardio in this humidity was exactly what I needed to start gearing up for the Falmouth Road Race. I think I’m the only person who genuinely thanked Mark for this WOD today… and he even he thought I was being a jerk haha