CrossFit Cape Cod , Monday 5/5/14


CrossFit Cape Cod , Monday 5/5/14

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CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Work Up To A Heavy Single. Pause At The Bottom.

Followed By

B. 21-15-9
Power Clean 135/95
Ring Dips 

Nutrition Challenge Day 1
Please Sign Up At C3 or e-mail Sarah [email protected]
The cost is 30 dollars for the 30 days. There is another meeting for anyone who wishes to participate at 6:30pm. 

29 Responses

  1. A: 165, attempted 185 (pr on bench) and couldn’t get it to budge…

    11:06 ring dips were killer… ended up subbing pushups at some point in there I think I worked with 95 on the cleans.

    see you all with Henry tonight! (I hope he’s ok with going twice in one day lol!)

  2. A: 205# almost had 225#
    B: 7:10 115# in hindsight I should have RX on cleans, but talked myself out of it. Did 21 rings w/band and switched to box for 15/9. Rings were really awkward.

  3. Arrived late and had to skip the floor press. And man….so many people at 4:30…how do you guys do it…all the yelling and screaming until I was done..everyone looking cause I was dead last with those damn dips…jeesh…so much pressure…85# purple band 13 ish….Ugh!! Thanks for the cheering on Al and Mson, even though I told you to shut up I secretly liked it.

  4. Fun night!

    115 floor press.
    12:47 purple dips and 95 pounds. Mason gave me a no rep on my last dip (I totally thought I was locked out) I’m wondering how many more would have been given a no rep….

  5. Nice job everyone! I love this wod and really wanted to see what my floor press 1rm was but I really needed a rest day. Next time!