CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 4/21/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 4/21/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day


3 Rounds For Time

4 Bear Crawls 25ft
17 Wall Ball Sit Ups 20/14
14 Wallball Shots 10’/9′ 20/14
Med Ball Run 200m 20/14

Jake was 3 years old and died April 17, 2014. He was a part of our family and was a part of the C3 family. Jakes favorite thing in the world was being at CrossFit playing ball. Thank you to everyone who ever loved him, and played ball with him. 

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  1. That Is my favorite picture of Jake in the world and that video made me cry (again). He was the best boy ever. He loved C3 as much as the rest of us. I’ve never been as happy and sad to do a WOD but I wish Jake could do it with us.

  2. Jake was such an awesome dog…My heart is heavy for
    you and the girls…Remember the happiness he brought you… you gave him that happiness three fold
    He was part of the C3 community and will be very missed…Rest in Peace sweet Jake

  3. Jake was the funniest little teeny guy but had no clue of his size 🙂 I loved playing ball with him (when he actually let me touch the ball!”) and he was so excited to chase it! He will be missed at C3. Dogs reach a part of our souls that nothing else can get to. Their candles may not burn as long as ours do, but they burn twice as bright. Much love to you all xo

  4. Sweet Jake…c3 wont be the same without his mighty bark, and his sweet kisses during mobility. Even though his life was short, it was most certainly filled with love by all, especially the Lee family! He will surely be missed, xo

  5. My heart goes out to so sorry for your loss. Jake was the cutest little guy and he was a part of the crossfit family! I’ll miss him.

  6. My heartfelt condolences to the Lee family – and everyone at C3. Whether he was licking our noses during Amy’s mobility class, or begging for someone to throw him the ball during a warm-up, Jake always had a way of making us smile. I am honored to do today’s WOD in his memory. He will be missed.

  7. So sorry to hear about Jake. I will miss throwing the ball to the little guy. It’s never easy to lose such a beloved pet and part of the family. My heart out goes to you guys and your children.

    11:57 RX
    Jake would have been much better at this WOD than I.

  8. I think Jake would’ve been able to give me some pointers on the bear crawl and carrying the ball efficiently while running…he was so good at that! honored to do this wod in his memory. Amazing 9:30 class, 11:36 rx

  9. Rest in peace little buddy!!

    Congrats Mason on those 15 hspu you are a machine, your drive and determination are truly inspiring. Not to mention watching you makes me want to step it up.!!!!

    Nice work on those muscle ups Josh!!!!

  10. 9:23rx It was great to kinda get to say goodbye to the little guy in true Crossfit fashion and a dedication wod is never as poignant as when it’s for one of our own, we’re gonna miss you Jake. May your infectious energy forever fill our box.

  11. We just got home to find the picture of Jake and the girls that many of you signed. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. We are in awe of the love and support that everyone is giving us. As a family we are truely grateful. Thank you for your text, calls, kind words, gifts and positive thoughts. We will never forget:)

  12. Sarah speaks for both of us and the girls, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you Andrea for sharing this one with me at 6am!
    Nice work Josh and Mason!!!

  13. Jake had a not so subtle way of reminding me that there are more important things than chasing reps in the gym. He was a great teacher just like the rest of the Lee family. I’ll miss him.

  14. 11:57 with the 10# wallball…Thinking about Jake and his love of playing ball made me enjoy wallballs today…I’ll certainly miss his barking enthusiasm as he chased after that ball, always made me smile!!!

  15. 11:52 with an 8 lb wall ball
    C3 won’t be the same without Jake’s loud, chasing barks or his antics of playing keep away when I wanted to throw the ball for him. What a great send off WOD for Jake.