CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 3/3/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 3/3/14

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Fight Gone Bad

Wall Ball 20/14
Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/50
Box Jumps 20″
Push Press 75/50
Row (Cal.)

This is a 3 round workout, with 1 minute at each station, and a 1 minute rest between rounds. Your score is the combined rep total for all 3 rounds.

This is the re-test WOD for the nutrition challenge.

19 Responses

  1. 154 and FIRST Rx WOD! no one told me that 20 # medicine balls hit so hard…

    my shoulder wasn’t very happy about the 75 push presses for whatever reason, so I went kinda easy on that station deeper into the workout.

    only can get better now right!?

  2. 269 Rx, not a PR, but I’ve always used an 18″ box before because I thought that it was Rx for this WOD. I used a 20″ box tonight, and I only missed my PR by 7 reps. I’ll get it next time!

  3. 160. 45#, 6# wb, 20″ box.
    Happy to report that I went up 10 lbs in weight on the bar, 2″ in height on the box and 17 reps more than the first time I did this. Nice to see some progress!!

  4. 275. Only 2 rep progress.
    49 points on challenge
    All measurements same except waist down inch and dropped a little over 9 pounds.

  5. 21 days ago I got knocked down in the first round and barely made it to a decision, but Massi vs FGB II was a different story thanks to my corner man Chris Judkins! 249 for an 11 rep PR.