CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 3/31/14


CrossFit Cape Cod, Monday 3/31/14

Thank you Laura, and everyone who came out to support the memorial WOD for the Fallen Heroes From Boston Fire Dept.

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Front Squat

Followed By

Hang Power Clean 135/95
Front Squat 135/95
Chest To Bar Pull Ups

For Those That Asked About The Donations To The Families of the Fallen Boston Fire Fighters Here is the Link

27 Responses

  1. From a son and grandson of retired firefighters, what a nice event and great gesture of respect for all first responders, especially for Michael Kennedy and Edward Walsh. Wish I could have been there today.

  2. Crossfit Open 2014 done.

    14.5 24:41 Thanks Fanon for your judging.

    This was my first completed Open. Had PR’s in Pull-Ups and Toes to Bar.

    Thanks C3 for getting me here.

  3. Good to be back. Shoulder is a lot better but still going light on weight for a while.
    3×140# (pr)
    11:25 for WOD (65#clean/75#FS) green band pull ups

  4. 140×3 front squat, 13:05, 95#, red/purple bands for the WOD. I really struggled through that. This was my first day back after about a week of having the flu. Still not close to 100% energy, but nice to be back.

  5. 95×3…10:56 with 55# and blue band
    I did reach my first goal I set for myself which was to do a pull up without any bands…I did one on Saturday and then did another one tonight just to prove it wasn’t a fluke!!!

  6. Worked up to 60# front squat x 3 I think.
    WOD 12:58, 45#, blue and purple bands…a step up for me from blue and red! woohoo! My goal was to be under 13:00 for this WOD, so I’m patting myself on the back for this one.