Crossfit Cape Cod Saturday January 2nd 2016 WOD


Crossfit Cape Cod Saturday January 2nd 2016 WOD

Crossfit Cape Cod

Saturday 1-2-16


bench press

5-5-5-5-5 @80%


amrap 18

1 rope climb

3 power snatch 135#/75#

5 bar facing burpees


establish max unbroken pull ups

bent over barbell rows same number as max pull ups @135#/75#

There will be a paleo tasting this Monday from 4-6:30. Β It will be provided by Sarah Lee.

Delicious, healthy tasting to start the New Year!!

15 Responses

  1. Kelly Cook

    95# bench
    7 rounds plus 1 rope and 2 snatch, RX
    I was really taking forever getting up that rope today, but it was a fun WOD in a torturous sort of way!

  2. TyTy

    A) 215
    B) 13+1 (did over the bar burpees instead of bar facing. Woops!)
    C) Fran (thanks for convincing jamin and I montt) – 4:44
    Loving the gym renovations!

    1. jmiles

      Thanks man. We think the people that make up the C3 group are pretty great, and we are trying to make the space match the community. That’s a pretty tough standard to match. We appreciate feedback.