CrossFit Cape Cod Friday May 15th


CrossFit Cape Cod Friday May 15th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

Power Total

1 Rep Max Squat

1 Rep Max Bench Press

1 Rep Max Deadlift

The Regionals Go Live This Weekend Watch All The Coverage Here

8:30 am Abs and Mobility! 

Saturday Obstacle Course WOD!!!

15 Responses

  1. Andrea Meagher

    Thanks for pushing me Erin!!!
    Fun 5:30:) thanks Mark
    Awesome job powerhouse Hatch!

  2. Michelle Hatch

    May have overdone my happy dance this morning 🙂 Finally deadlifted 205. That’s allot for this old gal!
    165 backsquat
    85 bench press

    Love lifting days!

  3. Kevin Medeiros

    415 BS
    225 bench
    455 DL
    Total: 1095#
    All PR’s, sadly even on the bench. Need to work on that.

    Great 5:30 am class. A lot of energy and laughs especially thanks to Michelle:-)

  4. Erin Meagher

    Not a pr in the bunch! But nice job Michelle and Dre! And everyone this am:)

  5. Erin Lewis


    First time doing these and I’m stoked. Can’t wait to keep adding the weight. Thanks Mark!!

  6. Lt Grampy

    4 PR’s Today

    220 Back Squat 15# PR
    175 Bench 30# PR
    345 Dead Lift 5# PR
    740 Total 50# PR

    And I thought today was going to suck.

  7. Heidi Lacava

    165/95/225… 25# pr on DL thanks for working with me Kelly you killed it with PR’s on all 3 lifts you rock! 🙂