CrossFit Cape Cod Friday June 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod Friday June 12th


CrossFit Cape Cod WOD

AMRAP 20 Minutes

10 Knees To Elbows

2 Deadlifts 315/205 *

10 Burpees

*Do Not Exceed 80% 1 Rep Max on the Deadlift

Advanced Training

3 Rounds

Back Squat 75% Of 1 Rm x 5

100ft Handstand Walk

Rest 3:00


Saturday is the Quashnet School 5k Color Run! Show Up At The School Around 7:45 to Register!

Sunday Join Us At C3 For Dr. Sean Rockets Presentation on Injury Prevention, If You Only Attend 1 CrossFit Seminar This Year, This Should Be The One! 20$ Donations Made To The Hero Triathlon On Behalf of Sean Braney. 10am-11am

14 Responses

  1. Sarah S

    Happy to not fall off the “merry go round”
    8 + 2 155# k2e/ghd sit ups
    100# x 5 x 3/ handstand holds

  2. Allan Fleck

    This combo was very tough!! Glad I’m resting this weekend!!
    I second that Kevin!!
    12+10 Rx
    AT: 305# x5 4x 25′ marked run on lawn.

  3. Justin Neviackas

    14 rounds at 255. Tough tough combo. AT: 225,245,245 did Jamin’s practice stuff instead of walks.

    1. Justin Neviackas

      Deadlifts still scare the shit outta me so I went lighter and did more rounds. Was still effing hard.